The work of BizzoSan

Andrea Bizzocchi, or Bizzo as most people call him, is an established part of our team for quite a few years now.

Over time he became not only a very respected co-worker, but a true and loyal friend as well.

Read below to find out more about his work and a video of his “ready to tattoo” book of designs.

Sebastian Winter
Tätowierer und Inhaber
Kool Tattoo

The work of Bizzo San

His work is complex in it’s simplicity and his devotion to Japanese culture is omnipresent in every single one of his drawings, paintings and of course tattoos. When not tattooing he spends a fair share of his time reading and studying Japanese art.

So Hamburg… if you’re into Japanese Tattoos and the lore behind it – I strongly recommend to make use of the jewel we’ve got here.Whether it is large scale work that grows over several sessions or the quick and clean one shot. Whether it’s the cold classics like Hannya masks or Koi…or maybe something a little more obscure from the abundance of Japanese mythology – Bizzo is your guy!

Come by the shop and check out his book of ready to tattoo designs and make sure to follow him on his social media accounts!







Weitere Neuigkeiten aus dem Hause Kool.

Das Paradies in Hamburg

Ich hab lange überlegt wie ich unseren Neuzugang ankündigen soll. Zumal er ein alter Hase im Tattoo Game ist. Und on top ein guter, langjähriger Freund meinerseits…

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New tattooer
Traditional Tätowierungen

Am 15. Juli, zwischen 14 und 21 h wird der Grill angeschmissen. Und zwar zum ersten Kool Family BBQ.

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Kool Tattoo
Sebastian Winter
New Website – who this?

Da ist sie, unsere neue Seite.
Wurde auch mal Zeit, nach sechs Jahren Kool Tattoo. Nicht, dass die alte Seite schlecht war, aber jetzt sieht das Ganze schon wirklich richtig schick aus. Und es gibt neue, richtig coole features…

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Kool Tattoo
Website Relaunch